About Us

Ride Walk Run

We are a community of individuals from all walks of life who are driven to achieve health and wellness through exercise and proper nutrition. Join the Ride Walk Run community!


Our Philosophy

How We Got Started

Back in 2016, our founder, was inspired to share her love of fitness and healthy living with the world. Over the years, Ride Walk Run has grown into a large community who motivates each other to live their healthiest lives.

Our Founder

Cherie S. White, creator of Ride Walk Run, is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast. Her love of exercise & the outdoors has been a part of her daily routine since childhood. Cherie was inspired to share her love of fitness with the world and Ride Walk Run was born.

Our First Race

We hope to hold our first race for our Ride Walk Run community. Stay tuned!

Join the Ride Walk Run Community

Whether you’re a beginner or fitness fanatic, walker or marathoner, Ride Walk Run has something for you. Check out our blogs on fitness tips to improve your athletic performance, healthy recipes to sustain you or the best running shoes.


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